John Sproul has been a professional artist for over 25 years.  He has exhibited throughout the United States, (including New York and extensively in Los Angeles), parts of Europe and Malaysia.  Some of the venues he has exhibited in include the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art; The Painting Center, New York; The Kunstwerk Carlshutte, Germany; and the Sienna Art Institute, Italy.  As an advocate for the arts he served on the UMFA’s FOCA Executive Committee from 2006-2013 and was Chair in 2013.  He co-founded and directed the Art Group (2007-2015); founded and directed the Foster Art Program (2009-2011); founded and directed the Utah Contemporary Art Think Tank (2010-2011); and currently owns and operates Nox Contemporary Art Gallery (a project oriented, non-commercial gallery).


In my youth I was heavy and received a lot of negative attention because of that.  When I went through puberty I grew tall and thin and as a result I experienced very positive attention.  In my mid-twenties I began to lose my hair, which affected my self-esteem which affective how people were attracted to me.  In my thirties I developed a negative reaction to sugar and a few other foods which required a restricted diet to maintain “normalcy”.  In my forties I developed a skin condition which required that I stay out of the sun.  Now as I enter my fifties I am beginning to see the power and energy of my body diminish.  How I have lived my life has been significantly affected by my body so I have to make work about the body and what it represents.

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